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The Wai Fat Pharmaceutical Laboratory was established in 2013 at Wai Fat Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Limited as a pharmaceuticals testing laboratory. The pharmaceutical laboratory has since evolved into a Chinese Medicine Analytical Laboratory. And it can divide into two components, Chemical Laboratory and Microbiological Laboratory.

The purpose of the Wai Fat Pharmaceutical Laboratory is to provide the customer with inexpensive, high quality testing service in support of the related product safety test and stability test for Chinese Medicine Registration.

威發藥品檢定中心成立於2013,大致分成以下兩大範疇 : 化學實驗室及微生物學實驗室。威發藥品檢定中心以藥品檢測定位,當中尤以中藥及中成藥檢測為主。為市場提供一站式就中成藥註冊所需的一系列測試服務。


Laboratory Purpose 成立目的

About Us 有關我們

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